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Welcome to Crazy Wilds! You may have heard of many beautiful places, blue lakes, deep seas, tall mountains, dry and hot deserts and charming islands. You must have seen the pictures and visited them. Who would not love to see the mountains, the beautiful green trees all around, and the ocean? Our article is about a beautiful island in the Atlantic Ocean. But surprisingly, not a single person is seen on the island. Humans are not allowed on the island. In this article, we will tell you about this mysterious island, why human beings do not live here. What is so special about this island that it is forbidden for humans to go there? And is there any secret that the world is unaware of? Let’s find out


Snake Island – Location


The island we are talking about is actually called Snake Island.


The real name of this island is Queimada Grande, but it is known as Snake Island because of the thousands of dangerous snakes found here.


Friends, this beautiful looking dangerous island is located in the Atlantic Ocean, 33 kilometers away from the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo.


Area of this island is one hundred and ten acres. In square kilometers, this area is not even half a kilometer.


The weather on this island is normal all year, neither too hot nor too cold.


That is why this island can become a favorite destination of tourists if these snakes are not waiting for them here.


How many snakes are found here?


According to an estimate, one snake is found per square meter.


There were many myths associated with this island in ancient times and people also spread false rumors about this island.


There was a time when it was said that the number of snakes on this island is in the millions. However, today’s scientific research shows that the total number of snakes found on this island is 1,500-4,000.


Friends, there are usually only two types of snakes found on this island. One type is called golden lanceheads because of its color. This species is one of the most dangerous snakes in the world.


And these snakes are found only on this island. These golden snakes are hidden in the leaves and branches of trees in such a way that they are not even visible. Second type of snakes is less dangerous.


How dangerous are these snakes?


If this dangerous snake bites a person , he can die within a few hours.


Experts also say that the bite of this snake is very painful. Even humans start to cry out in pain.


However, the chances of death from a bite are only 7%.


Their bite can also cause other serious problems such as kidney failure, brain hemorrhage, blood clots, and damage to human cells.


However, this snake does not usually attack humans on its own. Rather, it remains in its place. These snakes mostly attack the birds.


Some birds live on this island and are now aware of these snakes, while a large number of birds stay here while traveling from other areas. And serves as food for these snakes.


Some interesting and dangerous stories related to this island.


Friends, since people are not allowed on this island, people have created different kinds of stories about this island.


According to some stories, the pirates have hidden a huge treasure on this island. To protect this treasure, they spread thousands of snakes on this island.


So that if any person comes to this island in search of treasure, he would fall prey to these snakes. Another story that is very popular in the surrounding area is related to a lighthouse built here.


It is a tall tower that guides direction to the ships.


Before 1920, at least one person was required to be present in this lighthouse. However, later it was automated.


And the person living in the lighthouse was called back by the Brazilian Navy. However, people also fabricated stories that this person was bitten by snakes, so he died.


History of the island


This island was not like that from the beginning. Nor were so many snakes found here. Some eleven thousand years ago today, due to the increasing level of the Atlantic Ocean, this piece of land was separated from the rest of the region. And the snakes of the land sinking in the sea gathered on this island.


Thus, this isolated island became home to snakes. But the snakes of that time were not as dangerous as the snakes found today.


In fact, this dangerous type of snake was not found then. These snakes came into being through a combination of different species.


Since the island is uninhabited by humans and no other animal is found there, that would be a threat to the species of these snakes, so the number of these snakes increased rapidly.


Birds were their only food, so nature gave these snakes some special features to make birds their prey which are not common in snakes.


These snakes hide in the trees to capture the birds and are invisible because of their color. Their tails are too long which helps them to hang from the branches of trees


Because the birds fly away immediately, nature has made the bites of these snakes so poisonous that the bird dies before it can fly away and the snakes make it their food.


Who can visit this island?


Friends, no common person can enter this island without the permission of the Brazilian government. The Brazilian Navy occasionally visits the island.


Scientists and doctors from different countries are also conducting research, and their team is only allowed to visit the island with an expert doctor.


According to scientists, the venom of this snake can be used in the treatment of various diseases, such as cancer and complex heart diseases.


It is also being used to make medicines for blood pressure. This rare species of snake found on the island is in high demand and is sold in the black market for up to 30,000 US dollars.


Is this island really that dangerous?


Some of you may be wondering if this island is really that dangerous. So friends, you are not the only one who is thinking like this. Different people have expressed these views, these snakes are very dangerous, there is no doubt about it. But as researches are being conducted on these snakes.


As these snakes are not found anywhere else, that is why humans are not allowed to go on this island.


Because obviously, if humans go to this island, this rare species of snakes may also become extinct.


Some locals once set fire to parts of the island to allow banana trees to be planted, but this was done illegally.


And of course, if some area were to be set on fire, the snakes would perish in that area.


Now these snakes are few in number anyway because their only food is birds. And these birds are now snakes have become accustomed to the snake’s attack and often succeed in escaping from it.


Friends, how do you like the story of this mysterious island and if you ever get a chance to go here, will you go?


Please tell us in the comments. Thanks!


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