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Why an Hour is 60 Minutes and not 100?

Friends, welcome to Crazy Wilds.   How many times do we check time in a day? We work according to our timetable.   Days, months and years passed in the same way.   Has this question ever come to your curious mind about why there are sixty seconds in one minute?   Why one hour … Read more

8 Places on Earth Where the Sun Never Sets

Welcome to Crazy Wilds! In maximum components of the world, the length of days and nights are extra or much less the equal on common. However, you’ll discover it instead thrilling that during a few components of the world, the solar does not set for months. Similarly, it does not upward thrust for months either. … Read more

Great Pyramids of Egypt

  Welcome to Crazy Wilds! Humans have been living on this planet for hundreds of thousand years. But the oldest remains of any particular civilization go as far back as 6000 years. Since the dawn of civilization, man has started to change the world by his genius. And created such amazing wonders that are a … Read more

Welcome to Snake Island Brazil

Welcome to Crazy Wilds! You may have heard of many beautiful places, blue lakes, deep seas, tall mountains, dry and hot deserts and charming islands. You must have seen the pictures and visited them. Who would not love to see the mountains, the beautiful green trees all around, and the ocean? Our article is about … Read more

Amazon Rainforest Lungs of Our Planet

Welcome to Crazy Wilds! One can’t survive for a minute without lungs. Because lungs provide us with oxygen which is the most vital requirement for life. Do you know that, much like our lungs, our planet also has lungs which provide the planet with oxygen. The Amazon forest produces 20% oxygen on our planet and … Read more